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SPOEG’s mission is to educate colleagues and share ideas. The group originated as a study group and was called SPOSG. Eventually, the group expanded its mission, became a 503c, and changed its name to SPOEG.  We are a casual academic gathering of Pediatric Otolaryngologist able to discuss issues that do not usually make their way onto the program at ASPO, SENTAC and the Academy meetings.  We don’t wear ties but we do have lively discussions. We also discuss innovative, off-label uses of technologies and pharmaceuticals​.

A doctor’s journey to practicing medicine in ways that bring an overall well-being to their patients may begin in medical school, but it certainly does not end there. It is a career-long pursuit of continual exploration, education, and discovery all in the interest of high-quality patient care. This commitment is embodied by the premier ENTs of the region through their participation in the Southern Pediatric Otolaryngology Education Group (SPOEG).

For close to 40 years, ENTs have come together through membership in SPOEG as a unique platform for discourse, exchange of ideas, and collaboration. SPOEG represents the longest continuous meeting of its kind. Each year over 100 pediatric and adult ENTS gather for the SPOEG annual meeting. It is at the annual meeting where opportunities for focused roundtable discussions are provided and cutting-edge discoveries of the latest technological advancements in surgery and treatments are made. Through this exceptional association of ENTs, it is ultimately the patients who benefit, receiving quality, highly specialized care.

Our Goal

The Southern Pediatric Otolaryngology Education Group (SPOEG) or Southern Pediatric Otolaryngology Study Group (SPOSG) has been meeting for close to 40 years as an informal venue to share clinical experiences and knowledge among colleagues in the region.  We endeavor to discuss common and unusual entities in a collegial fashion to learn from each other. Our meeting acts as a supplement to the science-based ASPO, SENTAC and AAO-HNS meetings with more time for interactive discussion and case presentation. We also delve into practical, "business" topics commonly encountered in day-to-day practice.  The meeting is open to all practicing Pediatric Otolaryngologists in the southeastern USA.


We Invite anyone practicing Pediatric Otolaryngology in the Southeastern USA to join us as a member of SPOEG. There are no membership fees to join.  Email Dr. Craig Derkay at or Dr. Rande Lazar at to let them know of your interest.

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